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LUXEON 3030 2D

LUXEON 3030 2D
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LUXEON 3030 2D
  • In Stock: 2-3 Days
  • Manufacturer: LUMILEDS
  • Part Number: LUXEON 3030 2D

LUXEON 3030 2D

LUXEON 3030 2D is a high flux, hot-color targeted mid power LED. Hot-color targeting ensures that the LEDs are within color target at application conditions—85°C. Using an industry standard packaging of 3.0mm x 3.0mm and 6V surface-mount emitter solution, LUXEON 3030 2D Line comes in all ANSI CCTs and delivers the efficacy and reliability required for both indoor and outdoor illumination markets.


  • Industry standard package enables drop-in replacement for existing 3030 packages
  • 1/9th micro-color binning enables tight color control
  • Superior luminous flux at max current for reduced LED count
  • Hot-color targeting ensures that color is within ANSI bin at typical application conditions, 85°C
  • Enables 3-, 4-, 5-step MacAdam ellipse custom binning kits
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